The ultimate wildlife guide to Victoria: top encounters to add to your bucket list

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Hop to it: Victoria's Best Kangaroo Encounters

Spot mobs of eastern grey kangaroos and wallabies throughout Victoria. Admire the world's largest living marsupials in the wild or up close in zoos and sanctuaries. Find a view with a roo at Tower Hill Wildlife ReserveHalls Gap and Mornington Peninsula National ParkWilsons Promontory National Park, or grazing by the water on the Gippsland Lakes. You can also tee off with furry companions at Anglesea and Hepburn Springs golf clubs.

Koalas Galore: Where to Spot These Cute and Cuddly Creatures in Victoria

Spot koalas in eucalyptus trees in the wild and at wildlife sanctuaries and zoos. See koalas at large near Kennett River and Cape Otway on the Great Ocean Road or take a walk through Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Alternatively, visit the furry friends on French Island in Western Port Bay or hit the Koala Trail on Gippsland's Raymond Island to see Victoria's largest koala population. Keep your eyes peeled late afternoon, when koalas are most active. Wander the boardwalks at Healesville Sanctuary and Phillip Island's Koala Conservation Reserve for eye-to-eye views of resident tree huggers.

After-Dark Adventures: A Guide to Nocturnal Wombat Encounters in Victoria

Meet nocturnal burrowers on a torch lit stroll in a national park. Lucky spotters might see wombats at Wilsons Promontory and Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Up your odds with a guided tour. Take a ranger-led night tour at Mount Buffalo National Park, or a night tour in Wombat State Forest or Yarra Ranges National Park. Though solo creatures, you might be lucky enough to see a 'wisdom' of waddlers. That's a group of wombats. Get up close on Healesville Sanctuary's 'pat and play' tour or visit them at Moonlit SanctuaryHalls Gap and Ballarat Wildlife Park zoos.

Phillip Island's Penguin Parade: A Must-See Wildlife Spectacle in Victoria

Watch some of Phillip Island's 32,000 little penguins emerge from the sea each night at dusk. March along to the Penguin Parade to spot little penguins from boardwalks and underground viewing areas, as they waddle home to their burrows. And guess what? A group of penguins on land is called a waddle. Seriously.

The Ultimate Platypus Encounter: From Canoe Tours to Wildlife Sanctuaries

For a chance to see the elusive mammals in their natural habitat, take a canoe tour at dawn or dusk at Great Otway National Park’s Lake Elizabeth. You might just catch a glimpse in the wild, in lakes and creeks across Victoria. For a guaranteed sighting, it's best to head to the zoo. They headline the bill at Healesville Sanctuary's World of the Platypus.

From Cape Bridgewater to Phillip Island: The Best Seal Encounters in Victoria

Fur seal colonies in Port Phillip Bay, on the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island are a must see. Enjoy a high-speed tour to Seal Rocks, off Phillip Island: the home of more than 16,000 fur seals. Head west of Portland to Cape Bridgewater, home to a large colony of Australian and New Zealand fur seals, or take the slow boat from Port Fairy to Lady Julia Percy Island to find the largest fur seal colony in the southern hemisphere. Close to town, join a trip to Chinaman's Hat in Port Phillip Bay to watch local seals sun themselves on the octagonal platform.

From Tower Hill to Wilsons Promontory: Where to See Emus in Victoria

The emu gets about in mobs and it's the biggest bird found in Australia. The best places to get up close (but not too close) to an emu are Gippsland's Wilsons Promontory National Park, the Great Ocean Road's Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve and Wartook in the Grampians.

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